Brand: the flag you wave

Your brand is the flag you wave, behind which your ‘troops’ rally and march

It is a statement of intent: a promise you make to your clients and prospects about what they can expect from you. It is also a statement of intent to your entire team.

Your brand should be applied at every level, from corporate to division/
practice/team and individually, and it must be consistent throughout.

Perhaps surprisingly, in this way your brand is often as, or even more, effective as an internal tool for (cultural) change as it is an external tool to generate sales.

Alignment between your brand, strategy and the behaviours of your people is key to success.

It is the platform for all your ambitions, from which you launch every strategy

It’s therefore critical to precisely and concisely describe, both verbally (by every member of staff) and visually throughout all your marketing and printed collateral, where you’re trying to go as a business, what you stand for and how you want to be perceived.

Can you honestly say your business does this?

Without this it is unlikely you will ever achieve your goals.

We conduct comprehensive workshops with all your key stakeholders to clearly establish your mission, brand anatomy and positioning.