Culture: change for good

You can’t expect better results from existing behaviours

Your organisation almost certainly requires some degree of cultural change.

When you look at your team, do you ask yourself:


Creating a culture that delivers on your brand promise is all about engagement.

Everyone needs to embrace and ‘live’ your brand values. They must understand the connection between their personal performance and behaviours and the success of your (and their) business.

For example, designing a great corporate profile/brochure should involve engaging staff in the process so that they establish and understand what is unique and compelling about them and the business. Done properly, it can change the way people think about both themselves and the business, thereby changing motivation, behaviours and corporate culture.

But only for two weeks, or perhaps two months if you’re lucky, after which everyone will revert. To change for good, you have to seize the momentum such a process creates and then build and reinforce over time.

Motivate, manage, monitor

Your team also needs the appropriate support in developing their pipelines and you must motivate, monitor and manage performance in real time. It is this that gives you the required ‘carrot and stick’ transparency required for success and to embed cultural change.

The questions then are:

We understand how to align your business goals with your brand and help change the behaviours of your staff to achieve those goals.