Going forward

Ongoing consultancy

Specifically designed to support you as principals, and your key management team, as required.

No retainers

The money you spend pays for the time we spend with you. We see it as a specific project like any other, with clear objectives.

It is not a retainer – the marketing world’s root of all evil.

Unappointed non-executive director

Provides the highest level of marketing expertise to support your decision-making on an ongoing basis.

Typical duration:
1 session per month

Indicative cost:
From £1k per month

1-year service

Hands-on support with both ongoing decision-making and implementation of marketing strategies and plans, sometimes extending beyond the key management team.

Typical duration:
Reviewed annually

Indicative cost:
From £2k per month

Outsourced marketing function

Provides as much marketing direction, management and production oversight as are required.

Typical duration:

Indicative cost:
From £3–5k per month

Indicative cost:
From £9k